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Love it or hate it, breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. But if your old breakfast routine is becoming tired, why not give yourself a break from the doldrums of your morning food habits and try something new? To enter, log in to your OnSugar account then tell us your "Breakfast Breakup" plan and you could win your very own Breakfast Breakup Survival Kit, including delicious Kraft Bagel-fuls, a brand-new toaster, Tassimo coffee maker, reusable coffee mug, alarm clock, and more!

Plus, the first 100 people to tell us how they plan to break up with their breakfast and put a little excitement back into the start of their day will receive a voucher to try Bagel-fuls!

Bagel-fuls are golden toasted bagels and smooth Philadelphia Cream Cheese all in one, no plates, mess, or effort required! They come in eight delicious varieties — including fruit and cream flavors — so that you can get wrapped up in the taste and forget all the boring breakfasts you had before!

Official Rules

ShaynaLeah ShaynaLeah 7 years
My breakfast break-up: Putting cereal in a container the night before and snacking on it at my desk in the morning or having a Cinnamon Sugar bagel-ful to go - Sometimes you need something warm to wake you up!
estt estt 7 years
I'm going to ditch the cold cereal for egg white omelets and pancakes. The omelets might mean getting up in the morning, but if I make a large batch of pancakes (or waffles!) and freeze them, then I can just put them in the toaster, and I'm ready to go! Bagel-fuls would be great for when I'm in a rush.
jenniferXT jenniferXT 7 years
Yeah.......Its really true. I don't like to miss breakfast
cmc2418 cmc2418 7 years
i'll try to buy healthy options that i can eat on the go
bearhugs65 bearhugs65 7 years
changing up from boring cereal to something fun and exciting like a bagelful
taylvs3 taylvs3 7 years
I eat oatmeal or cereal most mornings, and while they are relatively healthy, they can get a bit boring. I'd love to try these Bagel-fuls. Anything that has cream cheese in it has my heart!
dani19 dani19 7 years
i really eat anything that came frozen in a box... i stick to two sunny side eggs, berries, and a slice of brie (my only indulgence) and half a cup of orange juice. keeps me refreshed till lunch time!
ladyvon5845 ladyvon5845 7 years
The 1st thing I'll do is go to the store and buy these great sounding Bagel-fuls, so that the very next day I can start a new breakfasst routine.
ICEMAN63100 ICEMAN63100 7 years
My Breakfast Breakup plan includes trying the fruit varieties of those Bagel-fuls- they sound good.
taraann415 taraann415 7 years
lol, this ad caught my eye because all i have been eating lately is bagelfuls. So i broke my eat and make a mess in the car, on the constant lookout for all things sweet, and broken promises with fresh cream cheese tubs breakfast routine by changing to bagelfuls. only problem is everytime i go to the store they have different flavored boxes than the last time i went. I really like the blueberry and strawberry the best!
ashdhinkle ashdhinkle 7 years
i would definitly break up my usual breakfast routine w/ these excited to try them :)
sandia sandia 7 years
I don't always make time for breakfast but I think I'd be able to enjoy it more often with these. I've been meaning to try them! They look yummy! :) Cereal is great but not so easy to eat on-the-go.
jconfer jconfer 7 years
I hate to admit it but i love fat laden breakfast sandwiches, but I'm trying to go with stuff that a bit healthier like cereal. Never had a Bagel-fuls, sounds yummy, I love bagles and cream cheese too.
ashleympowell ashleympowell 7 years
I never have time to eat breakfast. I always am trying to find things to eat "on the go" but nothing that fills me up enough to be worth the calorie intake.
decadent87 decadent87 7 years
Most days I eat a bowl of cold cereal and coffee for breakfast. I'd like to start eating more satisfying foods for breakfast. I know I should be eating more balanced in the mornings but I just never have the time.
nv27 nv27 7 years
Someone said breakfast should look less like a twinkie, but I think twinkies for breakfast sound pretty good. My breakup with breakfast is going to include adding a carb, which I'm terrified of.
smaine07 smaine07 7 years
Is this where we comment? The instructions are super vague. I'd love to try these instead of my usual cereal or yogurt. Something new for a change:)
ginnn7 ginnn7 7 years
I eat cold cereal every morning, so Bagel-fuls would be a yummy change. love bagels
runnereater runnereater 7 years
I love breakfast, but I usually get so busy in the morning that I opt out. However, I can always go for a nice starchy breakfast like a good bagel.
EML13 EML13 7 years
Typically, I alternate between oatmeal and cold cereal with milk, but I've been trying to incorporate more protein with eggs or toast/bagels with peanut butter. I'd definitely try out Bagel-fuls - I'm always up for trying out new breakfast options!
JJMarie JJMarie 7 years
Yummm I'd trade in my normal granola bar for a bagel-ful any day.
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