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Bringing Lunch to Work Tips

6 Handy Tips For Packing Work Lunches

Bringing lunch to work every day sure does save more than a few bucks and keeps you healthy at the same time. It's such an easy everyday saving trick, and it's a great option for those trying to cut costs on their daily expenses. Here are a few tips that get me through the week.

  • Mental Meal Plan: What do you want to eat for the rest of the week? Give it some thought before you make a trip to the grocery store to buy some ingredients. For inspiration, flip through Yum's list of delicious work lunches. While you're grocery shopping, read our savvy tricks for saving money at the supermarket.
  • Prep on Sunday: Buy all the ingredients you need on Sunday so that you won't have to desperately scramble around the night before. If you're planning on making one dish that you'll be eating all week (such as soup), you can either keep it refrigerated or, depending on what type of dish it is, you can also choose to freeze it in five ziploc packets that you can ration out throughout the week.
  • Keep It Separate: If you want to keep your lunch fresh, try to keep the pieces separate and assemble it right before you're having lunch. This works best for meals such as salads and sandwiches — soggy bread and vegetables are not appetizing!

Read on for more tips.

  • Lunch Etiquette: Cover your food if you're heating it up in the office microwave, because you don't want the smell to linger. And remember to eat your meals away from your desk if they're smelly so you won't bother your neighbors.
  • Bring Snacks: You might get hungry throughout the day, so bring a little snack just in case. Something healthy like a handful of nuts or some pieces of fruit would be ideal.
  • Mix It Up: So you're sick of making lunches all the time? You can mix it up by bringing it in on some days, and eating out on others. You can also choose to bring in frozen meals such as Lean Cuisines, or simply bring leftovers from the night before. Give yourself a break if you're not used to bringing lunch to work every day.
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