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Brownies 90210

The other day I got an attractive gift basket full of cookies and brownies in lovely little brown boxed packages tied with twine from a place in Los Angeles called Brownies 90210. Brownies 90210 is the bakery of The Farm of Beverly Hills a restaurant that serves simple, farm-fresh ingredients to the stars. I have yet to eat at The Farm, it's on my list of things to do the next time I'm in LA, but I can say the goodies that I tasted were delicious. Voted the "Best Brownies in L.A." by Los Angeles Magazine, both Reese Witherspoon and I are huge fans. The brownies were chocolatey, fudge-like, with a harder outside and gooey inside. I prefer brownies without nuts and was happy to see these were nut free. My top picks of the cookies were the peanut butter and the snickerdoodle which were both light, chewy, and full of peanuty/cinnamony taste. The coconut macaroon with a chocolate dipped bottom was a second runner up for its flaky coconut texture and chewy yumminess. Order you or your friends a gift basket for Christmas.

misschrissy misschrissy 10 years
i knew this name sounded familiar....the farm is also the coffee shop next to the movie theater in The Grove.....all the same cookies and brownies, yummmm
KWM KWM 10 years
I have had these brownies before and they are Amazing!!!! I am ordering some for my inlaws right now!
momsugar momsugar 10 years
THESE ARE MY FAVORITE! Add a scoop of ice cream to a warm one and I am in heaven!!!
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