The Buffalo Guys Say Give Buffalo a Chance

When I first heard that buffalo meat was leaner than chicken, I thought the joke was on me. However, it's true: Due to the fact that buffalo is a wild animal, it has less body fat than its domestic counterpart. Take a look at the buffalo steaks and you'll notice that it lacks the fatty marblization found in beef. Recently, I was invited to an event hosted by the Buffalo Guys, an odd couple who raise free-range organic buffalo. They turn the meat into a variety of products, from hot dogs to steaks.

Being a buffalo virgin, I was incredibly surprised at how good it tasted. The steaks were pink, moist, and meaty. I falsely assumed that buffalo would be gamy or more like lamb. If I hadn't known it was buffalo, I would have guessed the steaks were a lean cut of beef. It's extremely important to properly cook the meat because it can dry out quickly. Generally a buffalo steak cooks a few minutes less than a beef steak.

Check out my photos below and tell me: have you eaten buffalo? What did you think of it?

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