Since all things pig — from chicharrones to bacon everything to whole hog dinners — are the rage right now, it only makes sense that the fast food industry wants a piece of the pork pie. At this week's World Pork Expo, Burger King announced that it's testing out "Fire-Grilled Ribs" in four different markets and hopes to expand by next year.The ribs are now available in Las Vegas, NV, Indianapolis, IN, Greensboro, NC, and Orlando, FL. The St. Louis-style ribs will be portioned into 2-inch pieces, offered in three-, six-, or eight-piece servings, and served with a dipping sauce. The fast food company has spent more than a year developing this new product with the National Pork Board. According to the board's president Steve Weaver, Burger King's goal is to offer the product in nearly half of its US restaurants in 2010.