Most of us hoped to start 2009 on a positive note, but Burger King was seemingly in a furious state of mind: At the beginning of January, the fast food chain introduced the Angry Whopper to its US menus. News of the limited-edition burger, purportedly only available through the end of March, took the Internet by storm. So after hearing the incessant hype surrounding it, I decided to put the burger to the test. To find out how it tastes and see additional photos,


For the suggested retail price of $3.69, the Angry Whopper features everything that's on the joint's original Whopper (flame-broiled patty, lettuce, tomatoes, sesame bun) — as well as "sizzling angry onions," jalapenos, a slice of pepper-jack cheese, bacon, and "angry sauce." Others have proclaimed that the Angry Whopper isn't spicy enough, and while I have to agree that it doesn't really live up to its notorious moniker, it's pretty darn delicious.

The jalapenos provide the only real spice kick, while the "angry sauce" and jack give a nice element of creaminess. Add sizzling onions (really glorified onion rings) for crunch, a few slices of bacon (who can say no to bacon?), and you've got a winning burger — one that I would choose any day over its original counterpart. I had grand lunch plans ahead of me, so I only meant to take a bite or two of the burger, but I admittedly had at least a third of it.

Continuing its strategy of controversial food marketing, Burger King also launched a humorous website in conjunction with the release of the Angry Whopper. It features — you guessed it — an angry Whopper that fans can employ to rebuke annoying friends. The talking burger isn't the only thing that's salty: so is the Angry Whopper itself, with 880 calories and a whopping (pardon the pun) 1670 milligrams of sodium. Does the Angry Whopper sound like something that you would try? If you've tasted it, what did you think?