Burger King announced yesterday that it was revising controversial ads for its Texican Whopper in England and Spain after Mexico's ambassador spoke out against the campaign, calling it offensive. The commercials promoted the Europe-only Texican Whopper, a burger with chili con carne, jalapeños, onion, lettuce, a wheat bun, and Cajun mayonnaise. They featured an American cowboy and a pocket-sized wrestler wearing a cape that resembles the Mexican flag. Jorge Zermeno, the Mexican ambassador to Spain, called the chain's ads damaging to the country's image and its flag.

In a letter to Burger King's Spanish division, Zermeno asked that the commercials be removed from the air because they "improperly used the stereotyped image of a Mexican.” In response, the burger chain released a statement saying it was revamping its campaign: "The revised campaign will focuses solely on the Texican Whopper sandwich and will not feature any characters or the use of the Mexican flag. The revised campaign will be on air and in restaurants as soon as commercially possible.”

I don't find this commercial shocking or surprising, given Burger King's track record of eyebrow raising advertisements, from the recent Sir Mix-a-Lot spot to last year's Whopper Virgins. After watching the video below, tell me: Do you think Burger King made the right move?