Burger King BK Burger Shots Taste Test
Taste Test: BK Burger Shots

Last month, Burger King revealed that sliders would be the newest addition to the chain's regular menu. When I sampled the fast-food company's limited-edition Angry Whopper, I tried the pint-sized versions of the chain's flame-broiled burger as well. To see what I thought of them,


BK Burger Shots, as the sliders are called, are yet another attempt by Burger King to be budget friendly at a time when fast-food joints have had to adjust prices and consumers have been shorter on cash. If you're looking for a snack-sized serving, a pair of the miniature burgers will set you back only $1.39. For a larger serving, a six-pack costs $4.09. Not a bad price, considering the size of the meal.

Unfortunately, what virtues the BK Shots earn in price get canceled out when it comes to flavor. While it is flame-broiled like the other burgers on the menu, the BK shots don't come with the Whopper's ratio of condiments (ketchup, but no mayo), and the toasted sesame seed bun has been replaced by a plain bun that isn't firm enough in the hands and sticks to the roof of the mouth. It is a slider at its worst: squishy, mushy, and slippery, without any of the melt-in-your-mouth virtues of its classic counterpart, the White Castle slider.

In the future, I'll pass on this — I'd rather cut a Whopper into six pieces instead. Have you tried the BK Burger Shots? What did you think of them?

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