A few weeks ago, Wolfgang Puck announced several new animal welfare policies for his restaurants and businesses. At the time, I wondered if other chefs would follow suit and begin animal welfare policies of there own. I figured it would be the beginning of a new movement (or maybe just a trend). However, I never anticipated that a fast food joint would follow suit. Last week Burger King announced that it would phase in several new animal welfare policies of their own. After meeting with The Humane Society and PETA, Burger King has adopted the following policies:

  • Began purchasing 2% of its eggs from producers that do not use battery cages, upping that to 5% by the end of the year and preferring to purchase cage-free when possible.
  • Started purchasing 10% of its pork from producers that do not use gestation crates (20% by the end of the year). Again, with a preference for non-gestation crate using producers if possible.
  • Implemented a preference for producers that use controlled atmosphere killing of chickens used for meat.

Two and ten percent doesn't sound like much, but considering how much Burger King actually uses, it could mean a large switch in industry practices. Especially if any of Burger King's competitors follow suit (McD's I'm talking to you!).

Source: PR Newswire