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I'm usually pretty good at math, but something about that equation looks off. Mac n' Cheese is not usually something I think of when I think of easy to eat, fast food. However we're apparently in new math territory because that equation is true. This week Burger King is offering Kraft-branded mac and cheese in test markets. Although it is meant for kids, it's not going to be marketed directly to kids, seems like the marketers are smart enough to know that adults like mac and cheese too.

The product will be shipped in frozen packages and then reheated in microwaves at Burger King. I guess it'll be nice to have the option, but headed to Burger King just for mac and cheese seems a bit crazy, especially since it's essentially microwaved food. Although it will be a microwaved product created specifically for Burger King.

So, have you seen mac and cheese at your Burger King? Would you buy it if you did?

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