Remember when I told you that McDonald's was planning on opening hipper McCafes? Well, not to be left behind, Burger King is doing a similar thing. Instead of fancy coffees, they're planning on selling fancier Whoppers at their new Whopper Bars. The places will be smaller and, if the artist rendering is accurate, fancier. The menus will also be smaller and it would feature as many as 10 types of Whoppers, including the Texas Double Whopper and the spicy onion-topped Angry Whopper. There's also speculation of creating your own Whopper to order, with things like peppers, bacon, and bbq sauce. When asked about it, Burger King president Russ Klein said:

It's our way of stepping into the future. [The Whopper] is arguably a trademark that is bigger than Burger King itself.

The Whopper Bars are expected to pop up in casinos, airports, and other venues with limited amounts of space.

Also noteworthy is the idea that they may make it a real bar by selling beer. At this time, Klein believes that the concept of offering beers isn't "unthinkable." Whoppers and beers? Sign me up!