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Coming Soon to a Store Near You: Camel Milk Chocolate

So you're willing to eat mushroom-flavored chocolate — but what about chocolate made from camel milk? Soon, chocolate addicts with adventurous palates will have the opportunity to try the world's first camel milk chocolate. Dubai confectioner Al Nassma, which claims to be the first chocolate made of the unconventional milk, announced yesterday that it plans to expand into other Arab markets, Japan, Europe, and the United States.

"We aim to be the Godiva of the Middle East," the company's general manager, Martin van Almsick, said. He rattled off the benefits of camel milk, including more vitamin C than cow milk, less fat, less lactose, and more insulin, which makes the chocolate a better option for lactose intolerant and diabetic consumers.

Would you try eating camel milk chocolate — or drinking the milk straight up? Is camel milk poised to become the next soy milk?


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Spectra Spectra 8 years
If it's not too expensive, I'd definitely give it a whirl. I bet it's probably pretty tasty.
doogirl doogirl 8 years
It's chocolate, who cares where the milk came from?
Soniabonya Soniabonya 8 years
i'd give it a try :)
girlwparasol girlwparasol 8 years
well, if the company's aiming to be the "Godiva of the Middle East", then i'd expect the stuff to be pricey, but also delicious. i'd definitely try it.
Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
Sounds like something I would try!
Rebecca101 Rebecca101 8 years
I am an American living in Dubai and I have had this chocolate. It is very good and, really, there is no discernable difference from chocolate made from cow's milk. To me it tasted slightly saltier than some chocolate, but that varies by chocolate brand anyway. It was creamy and delicious.
syako syako 8 years
I'd try it if it were offered to me as a free sample. I wouldn't shell out the dough for it though.
samantha999 samantha999 8 years
why not it's high in Vitamin C, iron & b vitamins and also good for those of us who are lactose intolerant. But talk about a tough animal to milk. i bet it's expensive.
lavendera lavendera 8 years
Looks pretty tasty to me.
chancleta chancleta 8 years
I'd try it. What the hay!
lemuse20 lemuse20 8 years
I'd try it
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