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Camping Coffee Options

5 Ways to Get a Caffeine Fix Camping

There's nothing like the great outdoors . . . with a latte in hand. Unfortunately, having that combination when you head out on your next camping adventure isn't really an option. But if you can handle the kitchen and the campfire, you can surely have your caffeine the next time you hit the trails. With a few creative, shortcut, or back-to-basics methods, you won't be yawning or missing that perfectly foamed milk.

  • The French method: A French press is a quick method for brewing smaller amounts of coffee. Aside from the press, all you need is the coffee itself (medium grind) and a pot to boil water in. Try this GSI Outdoors Java Press ($110) or get personal with a Bodum Travel Coffee Press ($40) that you can take with you on the trails.

Keep reading for more ways to get your caffeine buzz while camping!

  • Perk up with a percolator: A campfire percolator like this Coleman Enamelware Percolator ($25) is the most common way to enjoy caffeine while camping. It is fairly easy to use over a campfire, grill, or camping stove, and many prefer the flavor and taste over a traditional cup. For this brewing method, you'll want coarsely ground coffee.
  • Do the can-can: If you're already icing down beers in a cooler, why not toss in some ready-to-drink coffee in cans, like yummy Illy Issimo Coffee Drink ($23 for 12), for the morning? Bonus: no grumbling about who drank the last cup in the coffeepot.
  • Candy fix: If you don't require a double espresso to keep you going, get a smaller caffeine fix with chocolate! Enjoy your s'mores and sweet and salty trail mix knowing you'll be getting that extra boost of energy.
  • In an instant!: If you need your caffeine fast, opt for instant. Popular among athletes, gel packs like Gu Energy Gel ($1 per packet) provide caffeine and electrolytes for active campers. They're easy to pack and don't dehydrate you. Or, travel with individual packs of Starbucks Via Ready Brew Coffee ($9 for 12) to fuel up and stay alert.

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