Like many young American women, Kendra Wilkinson loves the food at Olive Garden. However, unlike the majority of these women, Kendra is a Playboy Playmate, girlfriend to Hugh Hefner, and star of the reality show The Girls Next Door. On the series, she expresses her profound love for the Italian chain's artichoke dip and unlimited breadsticks. She's not a spokesperson for the brand, and her public, undying love is not returned. Rumor has it the officials at Olive Garden would like her to stop inadvertently promoting the restaurant. They've worked hard to craft their family-friendly image, and a Playboy playmate doesn't exactly fit into that picture. Although many brands welcome a celebrity's endorsement, if the celebrity doesn't match the brand's image, problems can arise.

I think it's an interesting topic, and wonder what you have to say about the matter. Can an unwanted spokesperson ruin a restaurant's reputation?