As it turns out, November isn't just about Thanksgiving — it's also about tons of charity events and celebrity chef appearances! We've spotted so many kitchen stars out and about this week that I thought it'd be fun to quiz you on which of America's biggest food personalities have been popping up around town. Are you ready to play? Let's begin.

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Which chef stayed busy plating courses at a fancy Atlantic City dinner?

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Which former Top Cheffer showed up in full force to GLAAD's annual holiday event?

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What other Top Cheftestant had some steam to blow off?

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Which kitchen femme fatale worked the red carpet at a Glamour event this week?

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Which food reality TV veteran posed for the camera with model Nicola Mar at a benefit in Manhattan?

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Which cooking show host was out and about painting the town red?

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What famous chef showed off his new son at a recent screening?

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Which celebrity chef went stir crazy in front of a wok?