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Can You Vaporize Alcohol?

Get Drunk Without Taking 1 Sip of Alcohol Thanks to This Cool Trend

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Maybe it's teenagers and their infatuation with blowing smoke clouds in crazy styles for Instagram videos or the strongly scented flavors that make me gag as I pass them on the street, but there's something about "vaping" that just makes me cringe. Well, that was until I heard it was possible to vape your alcohol. I recently stumbled upon the Vaportini on Instagram, and instantly, my snobby, millennial judgments blew up in smoke. I was totally intrigued.

OK, you're probably wondering WTF is a "Vaportini" and how on earth alcohol can be vaporized, but don't worry, you're not alone. Vaportini, as described by the website, is "a revolutionary way to consume alcohol, it is inhaled rather than swallowed." My lung-doctor father is probably rolling his eyes and preparing a lecture on the dangers of vaping, but the Vaportini team swears by its legitimacy.

The concept is a replication of the Finnish tradition "of pouring vodka over hot coals in a sauna and inhaling the fragrant fumes," except with the Vaportini, you're in a social setting and your clothes are hopefully on, unlike in a sauna. Using the company's official set, you will light the candle and place it under the Vaportini cup. Then, you can pour a shot of liquor with the funnel into the sphere and place it on top of the cup. In five short minutes, the alcohol will be vaporized and ready to be, for lack of a better word, vaped. The alcohol in the sphere remains "active" for 30 minutes.

Well, if consuming one ounce or one shot at a time isn't really your style, it's necessary to point out the impressive benefits of the Vaportini. In addition to taking out the impurities of alcohol, the vaporization process removes the majority of the calories and carbohydrates from the liquor. Need we say more? The effects of the single shot are felt almost immediately. It's recommended that Vaportini users choose a liquor with a minimum of 35 percent alcohol content, and beer and wine should not be used.

It's important to talk about the safety issues of this concept, because any time alcohol and fire are combined, there are guaranteed to be some questions. Although the company website does provide information from a research study done on the Vaportini, there is the potential risk that the alcohol can damage brain cells when it is smoked instead of swallowed. When you drink alcohol, it is filtered through the liver, but smoking it sends the alcohol straight to your lungs and into your body without being metabolized properly. There's also the obvious risk of consuming more alcohol than your body would typically take in by drinking because it is not being watered down with a mixer or ice. However, when used in the proper social setting and with caution, the Vaportini could be a unique way to spice up how you consume alcohol with friends.

The Complete Vaportini can be purchased for $45 or the Deluxe Kit for $80. There are even artist-designed Vaportini kits available for purchase. Keep reading to see how the awesome Vaportini concept works.

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