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Carnival In The Office - Skittles Carnival Reviewed

When I heard about the new limited edition Carnival Skittles (thanks for the tip candyblog!), I knew I'd have to try them. Luckily my local 7-11 had them in stock, so I purchased a pack and rounded up the recruits for a quick taste test.

The pack was a nice bright yellow color with five flavors inside. Here's what we thought of them:

Red Licorice (red): Tasted suprisingly like red licorice, although the texture was wrong with that flavor. No one could figure out why you'd want to eat red licorice skittles over actual real red licorice. Quote that sums it up: "Why would you make candy that tastes like candy?"

Bubble Gum (pink): This one tasted exactly like what you'd expect. It also has a similar texture, and is a bit odd when it disappears. Quote that sums it up: "Tastes exactly like Bazooka Joe bubble gum."

To see what we thought of the other three flavors,

Cotton Candy (teal): I thought it shouldn't have been blue, but was out-voted. It was nice like spun sugar, but I couldn't quite figure out which flavor it was. Quote that sums it up: "Tastes like a circle lollipop." (You'll have to ask Molly to explain that one)

Green Slushy (lime green): We all agreed, this one should have been named "Margarita" instead. Quote that sums it up: "When's happy hour?" Oh and surprisingly, although a geek did not know the flavor choices, he was able to identify it as "slushy" flavored.

Candy Apple (pale yellow): This was my personal favorite. It was sweet, yet slightly tart, sort of like apple flavored mentos. However, I'm not sure it was "candy apple" flavored - candy apple makes me think of those sticky red apples that are sort of just sugary tasting - but it was delicious. Quote that sums it up: "I could eat a whole pack of those."

In the end we thought they "nailed it" - the flavors definitely tasted like the flavors they said they were. Our biggest complaint that was if you took a handful, the flavor combo wasn't so great. However I personally thought that meant they "nailed that" too. I mean, have you ever mixed stuff at the carnival? Not exactly pleasant either.

Overall we'd eat them again, but we wouldn't choose them over the regular flavor. If it was a bag of the candy apple only, well then that might be a different story...

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