I'm not much of a gambler, but I must admit, part of the lure of the casino is the ladies and gents handing out free drinks and meals. It's not a true casino experience if you don't have a free drink in hand. Yet, this may end for the folks — and tourists — in Atlantic City. Due to the current economic slowdown, many of AC's 11 gambling halls are considering cutting back on freebies. Last year the casinos spent $1.63 billion giving away free stuff, a 2.4 percent decline from the year before. And with fewer folks headed out to gamble, the amount they spend may decrease even more. This means no free martinis, no free buffet breakfast, and no more perks.

So tell me, when you go out to a casino, do you expect free drinks? And when you do go, what do you order? I usually keep it simple with a vodka tonic, but some folks go crazy and order complicated drinks. How about you? What do you order at a casino?