These days, it seems anything can make you a celebrity. We have celebrity artists, celebrity socialites, celebrity reality TV contestants, and, of course, celebrity chefs. So could celebrity farmers be far off?

In a recent James Beard Foundation writeup on the notion, Top Chef executive producer Shauna Minoprio was quoted as saying, "Celebrity farmers? It's a fabulous idea. I am 100 percent for it. I don't think it would take much work to interest people in a television series about farmers."

Here in the Bay Area, I constantly see farm names thrown around like designer labels on menus, like "Niman Ranch pork chop" or "Marin Roots Farm chicory." While it's true that San Francisco is the epicenter of the eating local movement, I know that the spotlight on farms has spread to certain parts of the country. Do you think this concept has the potential to catch on?

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