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China's Obama Fried Chicken Restaurant

Link Time: Obama Fried Chicken, Matzo Ball Ramen, and More

Source: Weibo User binson

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katialoves katialoves 5 years
no im not offended, i dont think anyone should be. first, having travelled in china and lived with the locals, from my experience the chinese definitely have and willingly share some stereo-typical ideas/generalizations about the west and other cultures 'you americans love eating hamburgers,' 'jewish people are smart,' as if they were facts. but i dont think the common chinese citizens' knowledge extends to the point of being aware of minority stereotypes within the US. (not that they are stupid, but they have their own asian cultures to be interested in plus there is a censorship effect) even growing up in canada i dont think i heard about the african american fried chicken stereotype until i was at least a teen. so its not like the african american friend chicken thing is something the whole world finds amusing/knows about. 2. Obama could never be thought of as a stereotypical African america whose mother made him fried chicken often (even if his white american mother made fried chicken, he did not grow up in that culture) if anything it would be more accurate to mock him for admitting to eating spam which is even nastier than eating kfc. 3. KFC get over yourself, your product is inhumane salty garbage and China couldn't care less about copyrights. why dont you address the PETA protests about your practices instead of releasing a statement about a little restaurant in a 2nd world nation
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