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Chipotle Mexican Grill to Partner With Food, Inc. Documentary

Chipotle Promotes Food, Inc. Documentary

Chipotle doesn't just want to feed its customers — it wants to educate them, too. The fast-casual food chain has teamed up with Magnolia Pictures, Participant Media, and River Road Entertainment to promote Food, Inc., a documentary that exposes issues with the food industry in America. Beginning today, Chipotle Mexican Grill will host free screenings of the film. In addition, the eatery will advertise Food, Inc. with printed material in its 800-plus stores and prepare a bonus feature about sustainable agriculture to be included in the DVD when it is released later this year.
"Chipotle is a great example of a company that's on the right track to improving our food system," director Robert Kenner said. "Chipotle's philosophy shares many of the same values expressed in Food, Inc., and we are very pleased with their support of our film." The Mexican food chain claims to use more naturally raised poultry and pork than any other restaurant worldwide. It also sources ingredients locally whenever possible and buys 35 percent of its beans from organic producers. This promotion is a smart strategy: if Chipotle's devotees weren't aware of the company's sustainable practices yet, they will be now.

Did you know Chipotle was so dedicated to sustainability? Will you attend a free Food, Inc. screening?

Photo by flickr user Photo2217

AMP AMP 8 years
Ooh, I'm definitely going to try to catch the West Hollywood screening! I've been wanting to see this movie anyway, but free is always better. Thanks for letting us know!
pinkerbell03 pinkerbell03 8 years
wow, thanks kia! I'm not used to people being so helpful and polite when someone else makes a mistake. I appreciate the link/info, and I stand corrected.
tarabara1229 tarabara1229 8 years
Good for Chipotle! Too bad their burritos still pack 1000 calories...still, they're totally worth it! I'd pick this place any day over Taco Bell, Del Taco, Baja Fresh, etc., especially knowing where their ingredients come from.
kia kia 8 years
Oh, and I am not surprised Chipotle is being so supportive of the film. What they are trying to do in the fast food industry is amazing. I still can't believe all their pork is farm-raised and not confined in pens. That is mind-boggling considering how big the company is.
kia kia 8 years
pinkerbell03, McD's dropped the few shares they had in Chipotle in 2006 and the original founder, Steve Ells, retains the company. Here is a Nightline piece from last month that highlights some of Chipotle's current practices (see around 430 when they briefly talk about the past McDonald's relationship):
pinkerbell03 pinkerbell03 8 years
Hmm, last time I checked, Chipotle was owned by McDonalds. If McD's was going to jump on the bandwagon too, I'd be excited, but still I don't support either, blech!
ErinAeSook ErinAeSook 8 years
I've seen the film and it's quite disturbing. Not only does it educate about organic/sustainable agriculture, but it exposes the unsafe practices on factory farms and the lack of the FDA to do anything about it. Food safety in this country is sub-par, at best. I urge everyone to see this film.
michlny michlny 8 years
I'd love to....This is brilliant brand marketing on Chipotle's part!
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