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12 Secrets to Know About Chipotle

Jul 13 2014 - 5:30am

Even if you frequent Chipotle Mexican Grill [1] several times a week, chances are you don't know the best deal on the menu, all the free stuff you can walk away with, and how to skip the line. Thanks to personal experience (we've eaten many a burrito/bowl/salad/taco) and consulting with several Chipotle managers, we now have all those answers.

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What's Free

Meat and guacamole will always cost you extra at Chipotle, but here's what you might not know is free.

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Score a Deal

Yes, even at Chipotle there are ways to work the system to get the most food for your buck.

Nonmenu Items to Order

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How Stuff's Made

Order Smarter

We've heard it from a Chipotle worker herself! These things can immediately influence your service.

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