This weekend I was perusing the Valentine's Day section of my local Target when I noticed a bag of charcoal chocolate marshmallows. At first I only noticed the NEW! banner across the top — I'm a marketer's dream — and then I noticed that it was sitting on top of a bag of strawberry-flavored marshmallows. Those were not marked new and it got me wondering what other flavors there were. According to the Kraft website, there is also a Toasted Coconut flavor. I'm slightly surprised that toasted coconut appeared before chocolate, but then again I'm not a marshmallow expert.

These festive snacks looked like a lot of fun; I'm not even a fan of marshmallows and had the urge to buy one. I bet they would be nice in hot cocoa, and could possibly add another element to s'mores. So what do you think? Has anyone out there tasted these? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!