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Chomp Down on Juno's Hamburger Phone

Chomp Down on Juno's Hamburger Phone

Last weekend, I finally saw the Oscar-nominated Juno — be sure to fill out your Oscar ballot for a chance to win a prize! — and, as Buzz has mentioned it's an endearing film about a pregnant teenage gal. So why I am mentioning it here on YumSugar? Well, if you've seen the film, you know it's full of junk-food, school buffets, blue slushees, and orange tic tacs. Yet the largest food draw — at least in my opinion — isn't actually edible. It's Juno's hamburger phone — an awkward, yet delectable, hamburger-shaped communication device.

The hamburger phone sells for $15.99, although they are apparently flying off of the virtual eBay shelves for up to $56. That's quite a bit for a plastic hamburger — you could get 50 of them at McD's for that price! I wonder how it tastes in comparison . . .

If you haven't seen Juno, and are dying to find out more about the hamburger phone, you're in luck I've found a video for you. The hamburger phone appears about half way through. To check it out


Source and Photo courtesy of Fox Searchlight

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