Tired of TV chefs recommending kosher salt in recipes, retired barber Joe Godlewski decided to develop a Christian variety of salt. Next week, the Cesaptown, MD, businessman will roll out Blessed Christians Salts, sea salt that's been blessed by an Episcopal priests and packaged in containers bearing bright red crosses.

For Godlewski, the trademarked salts, which are made by Ingredients Corporation of America, are meant to help the Christian faith: "I said, 'What the heck's the matter with Christian salt?' This is about keeping Christianity in front of the public so that it doesn't die. I want to keep Christianity on the table, in the household, however I can do it."

Godlewski plans to sell the salt in religious bookstores and as a fund-raising tool for religious groups, pointing out that a share of the proceeds will be donated to Christian charities. If the salt proves to be successful, the entrepreneur is planning an entire line of Christian-branded foods, including rye bread, bagels, and pickles.

When I first learned of this, I practically did a double take to make sure I wasn't reading the Onion. It's somewhat entertaining to follow, since I admittedly take the whole issue with a grain of salt. In fact, I'm rather surprised nobody has come up with this already. What do you think about the whole concept of Christian salt?