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Christina on Her Hell's Kitchen Win

Christina on Her Hell's Kitchen Win

Yesterday I spoke with Christina, the young culinary school graduate from the Midwest, who won this season's Hell's Kitchen. Elated about her win and eager to get started at Gordon Ramsay's Los Angeles restaurant, Christina was bubbly and confident. She's kept in touch with Vanessa, but isn't friendly with runner-up Petrozza. To see what she had to say and find out what her real job title at the London will be,


PartySugar: How did it feel to be the winner?
: It feels really good. I've known for a long time now. When I won it was so strange, at that moment I couldn't think anything. I have no idea what Chef Ramsay said to me. I can't remember anything except thinking, don't fall down the steps.

PartySugar: Why did you win?
: The thing about the competition is that at some point you see the worst and best of everyone. Gordon said I won because of my potential, but I think I won because of a combination of things. My ability to deal with stress, my quick wit, and my potential are all reasons why I won.

PartySugar: What was it like when you went back to culinary school, but couldn't tell anyone about the win and your experience?
: That was horrible. Being on the show I was constantly challenged. To go back to culinary school was really hard. It wasn't exciting and I didn't feel challenged. The hardest thing about the show was not being able to rely on the formulas, recipes, and time frames they spend so much time teaching at culinary school. On the show you had to constantly create things off the top of your head. It only became easier when I realized I could do this without a recipe.
PartySugar: Have you started working at the London yet?
: I haven't started there yet, I hope I do soon. Right now I am doing things like this, appearances in public. After graduating from culinary school I was working in a restaurant, but I quit my job on Tuesday. I'm getting everything in order to move. I haven't had a detailed meeting with the staff to know exactly what I will be doing at the London, but I do know my title is "Senior Chef."

PartySugar: What is it like to be a female in the kitchen?
: I think a lot of the things you hear about being a female in the kitchen are not true. I don't think of it like it's hard and "boo-hoo, I'm a female in the kitchen I'm treated differently," females are treated differently in a lot of ways. Being a female in the kitchen gives me strength. Women are amazing multitaskers and it's beautiful to see a woman in that role.

PartySugar: On a previous episode of HK Ramsay said, "Nice girls don't make great chefs." Do you consider yourself a nice girl?
: I don't think so. I come across sweet, I'm from the Midwest, but I'm mean as sh*t. Maybe I'm nicer than Ramsay is when he's in the kitchen, but I don't consider myself nice or mean. I consider myself fair.

Photos courtesy of Fox.

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