Remember when Robert Irvine was fired from his job at Food Network, and how many of you lamented the fact because you really enjoy Dinner: Impossible. Well quit your crying the show's not going anywhere. Food Network has said that they've been hoping to replace Irvine, and it appears they finally have.

Last year's Next Iron Chef winner, Michael Symon, will take over the Impossible reigns. The show's format won't be changing, Symon won't know where he's headed and he won't know his mission until he gets there. However, fans of the show will now be thrilled — or disappointed, depending on which camp you're in — to hear that the show will now be 60 minutes instead of 30. I personally think this is a great call, 30 minutes always seemed too heavily edited.

In addition to starring in this show — which officially begins in September, with one episode airing in July — Symon will also appear on Iron Chef America. And, if that wasn't enough, he's still got his restaurants Lola and Lolita in Cleveland, as well as a new restaurant opening in Detroit.

So tell me, are you planning on checking out the all-new Dinner: Impossible?