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Clip 'N' Go: The Key To Fresh Breath

The other day we received a few packs of Aura Clip 'n' Go mints and Clip 'n' Go Gum. The products, which are by New Era Brands, are actually quite clever. They're your typical standard mints and gum, but they're packaged in plastic containers that can snap on to your keychain, backpack, purse etc. Sort of clever considering I spend way too much time digging through my purse looking for gum.

So how do the sugar free products taste? To find out

Turns out they're not that bad, just decent, if not somewhat generic. I tasted the peppermint gum, and thought it was quite strong, it definitely kicked my breath way back into the refreshing range. I found out later that it also has teeth whitener in it as an added bonus. While the gum was strong, but pleasant, the mints were a bit so-so. They tasted like your generic mint, and FitSugar thought she might replace the mints with her own. I thought that idea was smart, but I would never get around to doing it. We tasted both the peppermint and the cinnamint flavors, and thought the peppermint was okay, but the cinnamint left a weird aftertaste.

If you're interested, you'll probably be able to find these products in convenience stores, or you can buy a box of 12 mint packs for $19.80. They're available in spearmint, peppermint, cinnamint and sour fruit.

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