Cocktail Time With Sandra Lee

One the events I was most excited about attending last weekend at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival was a happy hour hosted by Sandra Lee. It wasn't the hostess that I was anticipating, however, but the location: late fashion designer Gianni Versace's villa, Casa Casuarina. The party went from 5 to 7 on Saturday, and upon arrival, I was grossly disappointed. Not by the location, but by the hostess. It was pouring rain and the entire cocktail time was held outside. The bars were drenched, the guests huddled together trying not to get wet, and the waiters looked positively miserable. How could Lee not have taken into consideration the rain?! Luckily, the party gods were with Auntie Sandy, and the rain let up quickly. Only then was I able to enjoy the event and watch Sandra and her sister, Kimmy, parade around. There was also a best-dressed contest, a synchronized swimming show, and signature appetizers (fried ravioli, cucumber with smoked salmon mousse, and stuffed mushrooms).

Images can better describe the happy hour, so check out my pictures after the break.

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