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Colin Cowie's Tips For the Perfect Wedding Aisle

Your Aisle: Another Personal Statement

Editor's note: The following is a guest post written by Colin Cowie, wedding planner and lifestyle guru. Here Colin touches on the importance of the aisle at your wedding ceremony.

The white aisle runner rolled out just before the ceremony begins is an elegant statement, and when rolled by attendants as the music plays, lends an element of drama to the commencement of your ceremony. There are other options that make a personal statement as well; some of my favorite ideas embellish the rolled-out aisle runner, and others are a complete departure. Which one is right for you is a personal choice. It all depends on the overall look and feel of your ceremony and the level of formality that fits.

For Colin's elaborate aisle advice, keep reading.

If you are getting married outdoors there are many options. Consider an aisle strewn with a thick carpet of flower petals or lined with blooming heads of colorful flowers leading toward the ceremony area or curve the aisle to where the vows will be exchanged with no flowers at all, but demarcated by stanchions holding candles or even an aisle runner completely covered in Galax or lemon leaves.


Full color, single color, one type of flower or a mixture of materials, it all depends on the look of your celebration; keep it consistent with the rest of your decoration in order to remain true to your look and weave a single thread of style throughout your décor.

In a more traditional setting, the white aisle runner can be embellished with an artistic flare: hand painted with the guests names written along the edges, or painted with a motif that is used on your invitations, or a pattern picked up from the table linens you’ve selected for the reception. If the white linen runner is ideal for you, have your flower girls scatter the aisle with flower petals just before you make your way to the alter. The oohs and ahs as they reach inside a basket filled with flowers and scatter them for your bridal walk are moments that will be remembered forever, and captured by your photographer for you to cherish a lifetime.

What was your aisle like? Share with us below and to get more of Colin's wonderful wedding recommendations, sign up for his newsletter, Colin Cowie Wedding Notes.


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