Editor's note: The following is a guest post written by Colin Cowie, wedding planner and lifestyle guru. This week, Colin ponders whether or not a guest book is a mandatory addition to a wedding.

A guest sign in book isn’t necessary, but the idea behind it is! The most important people in your life have traveled from far and near to celebrate one of your most important milestones. Each brings with them a memory, a thought, a wish, or a prayer that they should be able to share with you. Writing it in a "guest book" is an easy way for them to capture their thoughts. In years to come, you will look back at your wedding day and read the heartfelt notes of those who were there.

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As an alternative to a guest book, buy some beautiful card stock in the color scheme of your wedding and place it on a table at the entrance to your ceremony area along with a couple of pens. In a picture frame placed on the table, write a note to your guests asking that they share their thoughts. Alternatively, gorgeous ribbon, cut into two-foot lengths can be set on a table alongside pens for your guests to write down their thoughts; the ribbon can be attached directly to the ceremony area and used as part of your décor allowing you to walk down the aisle through the collective thoughts of your family. After the ceremony, the cards or ribbons can be placed in a decorative box and placed on your living room or den coffee table or kept on a shelf to be visited whenever needed.


Don’t overlook the importance of this time in your lives. There are very few occasions where everyone is gathered together to witness such a special moment; your wedding is one. Having guests sign in to confirm attendance isn’t worth much; but their feelings about you are priceless.

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