The 4th of July is probably the easiest holiday party to decorate. The requisite red, white, and blue, stars, stripes, and American flags do all of the work for you. Every store in the nation is flooded with red serving platters, blue and white star tablecloths, American flag this and American flag that so weed through the options and find stuff that fits your need and goes along with your style. I'm not too into the patriotic look, so I'll only have the American flag on teeny toothpicks. White paper lanterns add soft lighting and beer will be placed in lots of little red buckets. The tablecloth is red and the tableware navy. Wrap red, white, and blue ribbon around your poles, banisters, and deck. Create floral arrangements with blue glass vases and red, white, and blue flowers. Decorate the space with red hurricane holders and fill with white pillar candles.

For music compile a list of songs related to America or the 4th of July. I'll be playing BuzzSugar's 50 Songs for 50 States playlist.

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