If you have access to a courtyard, patio, or garden, host your book party there. The book is the focus of the occasion so a clean, polished, elegant look is ideal (unless your book is tough and gritty). For Pride & Prejudice I used a sunset for color inspiration with a gold, pale blue, and white palate. Set up big, comfortable chairs with gold satin throw pillows. Away from the book discussion area, arrange the tea sandwiches and cookies on white platters garnished with fresh berries. Roll up linen napkins, tie with gold cord, and stack neatly near the snacks. Fill vases with blooming hyacinth bouquets and serve the Pimms cocktail in old-school crystal goblets. For a stunning tablescape line a bunch of rustic, bronze candle holders with tapered cream colored candles along the food table. Give the movie Pride & Prejudice as a party favor, and have the soundtrack playing quietly in the background during the talk.