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Come Party With Me: Bridal Shower

Although this week I am all about the Bachelorette Party, I thought it would be helpful if I also discussed my bridal shower ideas. While the bachelorette party revolves around the bride's best girlfriends, the bridal shower involves all of the important females in the bride's life (mother, grandmother, aunts, cousins, etc.). Like the wedding, the bridal shower should reflect your personal style, attitudes, and preferences. Love to cook? Have it at a cooking class. Crafty? Host a knitting, pottery, or painting bridal shower. Pamper you and your ladies with a spa shower. Other ideas are a picnic, outdoor activity (horseback riding, white water rafting, etc), psychic reading, salsa dancing, sleep over, and tea party. Themes make planning the event much easier and so will my party tips so

Invites: Keep the invites chic and simple. Make them yourselves with pretty baby blue and yellow cardstock. I like the cards on Paper Style for easy, original pre made invites. Write a message along these lines

PartySugar invites you to join her
in honoring the bride-to-be
Julie Barber

Saturday May 19, 2007
5:00 pm
PartySugar's House, San Francisco

Rsvp 415.555.5555

Guests are invited to bring presents, as the point of the event is to shower a bride with love, gifts, and attention. Don't forget to invite the important females in the groom's life as well: his sisters, cousins, mother, grandmother should all be in attendance.

Menu: Depending on what type of party you host the menu will vary. Keep things relaxed by choosing a few scrumptious appetizers for guests to nibble on throughout the event. Yum's
Rosemary Crackers

are buttery and tasty. Pair with an assortment of cheeses, olives, and fresh berries for a chic wine party. For dessert slice up a
Lemon Cake

. Bowls of
Curried Vegetable Dip

Homemade Potato Chips

are perfect for an outdoor gathering when paired with
Apricot-Nut Turkey-Salad Sandwiches

. For dessert
Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Hearts

are adorable and yummy.

Drinks: Female friendly Champagne or sparkling wine are wonderful choices for this girlie event. Buy a case of regular white wine and chill several bottles. For pregnant friends or those who simply don't drink offer faux champagne and
Near White Wine

. Not into wine?

s can be made by the pitcher and poured as guests arrive. A
PomTea Spritzer

is another good choice if you prefer vodka.

The Look: Decorate with smooth fabrics, warming colors, and glowing candles. Fill every vase you own with the bride's favorite flower in her favorite color. This will fill the party with a beautiful floral fragrance. Create texture by covering surfaces with various shades of the shower's colors. Usually a shower involves some sort of activity or games however I enjoyed what the bride did at the last shower I attended: it was a luncheon where we all sat in a big square facing each other. Instead of playing a game we went around the room and each guest said something special about the bride. Whether it be a funny story from her past, why they loved her so much, everything that was said was genuinely heartfelt, honest, and memorable. It really made the party much more intimate and I left feeling much closer to everyone who was present. Afterwards the bride said her teary thanks and opened her presents.

Music: Keep things light and comfortable by playing a mixture of the bride's current and classic hits. A variety of styles: classical, jazz, soul, pop, r&b is a good idea to ensure that the music doesn't become boring. Have it playing low in the background throughout and turn down when the games, speeches, or presents begin. If playing a game that involves a certain song be sure to have it ready and waiting so there are no jerky transitions during the event.

Got a great tip for a bridal shower? What was your bridal shower like? Please share your thoughts and experiences with all of us below, as they can be truly inspiring!

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