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Come Party With Me: Christmas Brunch

Christmas day is less than a week away. If you have not thrown your holiday fete and still want to, host a Christmas day brunch (have plans on Christmas? host a day after Christmas brunch). Invite close friends and family to join you after unwrapping the presents for an easy late breakfast. All of my dishes can be made ahead of time. Pop in the oven while you discover what Santa brought you and enjoy with your family afterward. For the recipes and more

Invites: If your brunch is last minute personally call your guests to let them know how much you want to see them on Christmas morning. However if you have time, send postcard invites through the mail. I found a pretty Christmas inspired image and copied it over to a word document. Next I enlarged the image and added text: Tis the Season; this will serve as the front of my postcard invitation. On a new word document I added in the details of the party (what, when, where, attire) to a box on the left hand side; this will serve as the back of my postcard invitation. I print the text (white letters on black card stock) and print the picture on plain white paper. I cut the card stock down to size and glue my image to the blank side. On the text side I write in my guests names and addresses.

Menu: At a brunch it is important to serve both sweet and savory dishes to suit the needs of even the most picky guest. Savory: bacon and egg pie (make several if guest list is large) and yogurt with fresh fruit and granola. Sweet: cinnamon rolls and mini
Petit Pains Au Chocolat


Decorations: Clean up the ripped wrapping paper pieces and open the curtains to let in lots of light and leave the Christmas tree lights turned on. Light candles as they provide atmosphere and mood even in the light of day. The aromas of the food in the oven will fill the house with a warm, Christmasy smell. Serve the food in the kitchen buffet style and ask guests to join you around the Christmas tree.

Music: On Christmas morning I always like to listen to Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker. It's two hours of classical Christmas music. As it is morning remember to keep it low-key and peaceful. Soothing traditional and ageless Christmas music is your best bet.

Drinks: I can't go to brunch without craving a mimosa. Be decadently extravagant (it is Christmas!) by jazzing up the OJ/champagne combination with blood orange juice or cranberry and vanilla bean. Don't forget something warm and yummy like homemade cappuccinos.

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Fidgit Fidgit 10 years
How about the mini frittatas that Rachel Ray made a few weeks ago? A mixture of egg, cheese and breakfast meat in mini muffin pans. Kind of like a mini-quiche but without all the work!
puddinpie puddinpie 10 years
^And to gild the lily, you can always stuff the french toast with honey marscapone cream before you put it in the pan. Oh gosh, I need to get some breakfast now....
puddinpie puddinpie 10 years
Oohhh...I remember another one of my favourite dishes. I make a homemade caramel and add rum-sauteed slices of baby banana, and make french toast out of cinnamon raisin brioche. If making your own brioche is too time-consuming, you can always use brioche from a bakery! Dust with a sparse sprinkling of powdered sugar, and it's quite pretty. I have a picture of this dish that I made--hope someone can help me out here! :)
puddinpie puddinpie 10 years
Baking with Julia has an incredible pecan sticky bun recipe, but the dough alone takes quite a bit of proofing time (I remember it to be something like 2 hours, then overnight, then another 2 hours--that's not including all the mixing/kneading time!) But it is one of the best "sweet" brunch offerings you can imagine--made with brioche dough, these buns are addictive!
MrsJigglesworth MrsJigglesworth 10 years
yum! we are doing a Christmas brunch w/ my fam so this comes in handy... thanks!! can't wait!!
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