As I was surfing the web for Easter decorating inspiration, I came across a lot of scary bunny decorations and plenty of tacky pastel eggs. That's why I decided my Easter party's look has to be chic, adult, and very modern. I established sunny yellow and cool green by sending invitations in those colors, so I'll incorporate them into the look and table setting. Whether you're hosting a brunch or dinner, pouring mimosas or wine, keep the atmosphere light and fabulous with my spring look:

  • As always, start with a room that has been recently cleaned. Spread the table with a smooth ironed pale yellow tablecloth.
  • Set the table with your nice china and special-occasion flatware.
  • Head to your local craft or party supply store to pick up pretty ribbon with daisies. Use this ribbon to tie the napkins and to tie bows around the chairs if desired.
  • For a centerpiece, arrange various sized green vases in the middle of the table. Fill with your favorite spring flowers.
  • Light white circular candles and place around the room and table for a soft glow. If you don't have enough votive or candle holders, fill large decorative plates or bowls with rock salt and put the candles inside.
  • If you have Easter decorations - when I was little my sister and I loved our Easter tree - dust them off and set them up.
  • Be sure you have enough chairs for each of your guests to sit around the dining table.
  • Make glittery cut-outs of Easter eggs and hang on fishing wire from your chandelier or ceiling.

How will you decorate your dining table for your festive Easter meal? I love to learn from you so please share your inspirations and ideas with me below!