Come Party With Me:  Fourth of July — Invite
Come Party With Me: Fourth of July — Invite

It seems like every time I speak with one of my friends, the question, "What are you doing for the 4th?" comes up. If you're one of the many that haven't made plans yet, consider hosting a barbecue to celebrate the all-American holiday. I'm planning a blow-out bash, complete with fireworks and red, white, and blue decor, so stay tuned all week and feel free to use my ideas to inspire your own patriotic party.

Before you start thinking about the menu, notify friends about the event. To learn how I made these star-spangled invitations,


To make a similar invite to the one seen here you will need the following supplies:

  • 2 sheets blue cardstock
  • red and white paper
  • scissors
  • red, white, and blue ribbon
  • computer and printer
  • star template
  • tape

To assemble the invite:

  1. Start by creating a new Word document. Write out the details of the party. I wrote the following message in the font American Typewriter in size 16:
    Please join me for a
    4th of July Blowout Bash

    Cookout and Cocktails 6:30 pm
    Fireworks to follow

    PartySugar’s Vacation House
    Arnold, CA
    Call for directions: 415.555.5555

    Change the text color to dark blue and add decorative red stars. Print out on plain paper and check for grammar or spelling errors. Once satisfied with the look and wording of the invite, print out and cut down to size.

  2. Cut the red paper 1/8 an inch larger than the text page. You are creating a red border.
  3. Slice a small slit in the top of both the red and white paper. Slide the ribbon through and tie in a knot. Set aside.
  4. To create the star envelope, print out the star template. Shrink to 60 percent and print again. Cut out the template.
  5. Trace the pattern on to the blue cardstock. Cut out the stars, repeat with second piece of cardstock.
  6. Tape the end tip of the blue stars together to close. Repeat with two other sides, leaving the top open for the invite to slide in and out.
  7. Slide the red and white invite inside and send.
I LOVE YOUR INVITATION!!!! It's so totally cute cute cute!!!
So cute and patriotic!
Cute idea. Our BBQ is going to be on the 5th since our anniversary is the 4th :)
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