Next Monday, I'm throwing a small Golden Globes Viewing party for me and my girlfriends. It's quite simple to plan a television/movie viewing party if you take it one step at a time. Each day this week I have been working on a different piece of the fiesta. Monday I sent menu, yesterday I paired drinks with the menu, and today I have to figure out how I am going to decorate my house. To learn what I have up my elegantly armed sleeve,

This is an informal party that revolves around a television, so decorations will be kept to a minimum. I'll set up five TV dinner table trays, one for each of my guests and myself. On each TV dinner tray I'll place a gold place mat and a single place setting - complete with salad plate, soup bowl, water glass, and wine glass.

On each plate I'll place a shiny gold napkin. Then accompany that with a tiny vase filled with one golden rose cut close to the bud. Gold candles will glow in the background and the lights will be dimmed. I'll place the platter of salad, pot of soup, and plate of croutons on a long coffee table in the living room and allow guests to serve themselves during the commercial breaks. Dessert plates will sit, stacked neatly on the bar, next to the pitchers of water.

Got a great decoration idea with a Golden Globe theme? Tell me about it below. Stay tuned as tomorrow I'll discuss the final aspect of the party: music.