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This week I am busy preparing a knitting party. I've invited over a group of girls and Elena, my friend who is a superb knitter, is going to give lessons. It's okay if your friends are at varying levels of understanding knitting. In fact this is what you want to have a successful party. The girls who have more experience can help those who are still learning. You as a hostess won't have to worry about conversation because knitting is what will bring everyone together. I already worked out the drinks and food menus and today I need to clean up my house and transform it into a haven perfect for an afternoon of festive knitting. To see what I have in mind,

You should always start with a very clean, tidy house. You want your guests to feel comfortable so your personal belongings (laundry, magazines, papers, books, etc.) should be organized and out of sight. Next walk through your house and decide which room will suit the needs of your party. In this case you'll want a big open space with good lighting and lots of comfy seating. I'll host the party in my family room because I have a big corner couch, a comfy red leather armchair, and a fireplace.

Once I find the location, I like to take a look around the space and imagine my party there. When envisioning the party I always ask myself the following questions: Is there enough seating for all of my guests? Can I create a circular formation with chairs, cushions, pillows, and stools to create more seating? Is there room for me to set up the tea bar, punch bowl, glasses, and finger foods? Is the bathroom accessible?

In my case there will be enough seating for my guests and to add depth and dimension to the room, I'll leisurely toss several purple, lavender, and fuchsia (the color scheme of the event) throw pillows. Elena offered to bring over all of her knitting supplies and when combined with those borrowed from my grandmother, there should be enough needles and pretty yarn for everyone. I'll set up several tv dinner trays (because there is only one small coffee table) for guests to rest their drinks on while they knit. On the coffee table I'll place a basket with other basic supplies: several pairs of scissors, pencils, and pads of paper for taking notes. I'll fill several vases with fresh pink and purple flowers and arrange them artistically throughout the room. All of my candles and votives will be lit and a cozy fire will be waiting for the guests arrival.

On my bar I'll set up the tea glasses, tea fixings, and garnishes. On a long skinny banquette I'll place the platters of food. I'll put a resting station in the kitchen (which opens to the family room), and will position a punch bowl along with plates of the rest of the food. I'll use put out my deep purple tablecloth and raspberry colored placemats.

If you have asked a friend to give the knitting lesson as I have, be sure to have a thank you gift wrapped and waiting for her. Present it to her slyly after the party and when she is on her way out. The gift could be a very pretty yarn, a new set of knitting needles, a bottle of wine or Champagne, or a set of decorative candles.

Did I forget a finishing flourish in my knitting party decor? Tell me your suggestions below or post pictures of your best decorating designs in my super special occasion group on TeamSugar. Tomorrow is the day before the party and I still have to figure out what the soundtrack is, so stay tuned....

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