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Come Party With Me: Mardi Gras Bash - The Look

Now that Valentine's Day is officially over I can turn 100% of my attention towards making my Mardi Gras blowout bash a memorable, fun, fantastic, and talked about party. I've already put time and energy into the planning stages of the event: on Monday I made and sent invitations in the shape of a Mardi Gras mask, on Tuesday I created a snack-able menu, and yesterday I decided to serve

s and beer (I'm getting a keg!). Whenever I am hosting a party, I take it one day at a time and organize a different aspect of the fiesta each day. This process allows me to get everything done without getting super overwhelmed or overly stressed out. Today I'm focusing on the Look of my party. The official colors of Mardi Gras are purple, green, and gold and they represent the symbols of justice, faith, and power, respectively. These three colors will be the foundation of my look, for the details,

  • Start by taking a quick walk around your house to decide where you will set up the party. You will want a large open space for dancing, clusters of chairs for chatting, food stations for snacking, and a bar station for the keg and cocktails.
  • Set up the keg in the kitchen along with the crab dip and chips. Place the mixed drinks at the bar with a plate of bacon wrapped shrimp. The rest of the food can be positioned around the room either on one big buffet table (dressed with a beautiful gold sparkle-y tablecloth) or on several smaller tables.
  • Remove any personal belongings that have high sentimental value, are expensive, or antique collectors items. You do not want these important pieces of your life getting broken, destroyed, or stolen at your party. Put them in a safe place - as far away from the event space as possible - where you know they will be free from harm.
  • Rearrange furniture or tables to create more room for your guests and the happenings of the bash. At a big party where guests might bring friends who you do not know, the emptier and cleaner the house the better.
  • If you have access to Mardi Gras masks (I know I have a few in my Halloween costume bins in the garage) take these out and use as decoration. Place on the tables next to the food or wear one to greet your guests when they arrive at the door.
  • Lighting should be dim but be careful when you light all of your candles. No candle should be in a precarious position where a drunk guest could knock it over. Never leave lit candles in a room unattended.
  • Surround the dance floor with a soft glow using a few strands of colored Christmas lights in either all white, green, or purple.
  • Check out your local party supply store to see if they have any fun metallic hanging decorations especially for Mardi Gras.
  • Line your curtains with purple and green strips by running paper streamers, metallic ribbons, or satin ribbon down the length of the curtain. Hang with push pins to the top of your curtains, alternating between purple and green.
  • Wrap streamers or ribbons around your banisters for a jester effect.
  • Place a whole bunch of Mardi Gras beaded necklaces in a big silver bowl near the front door. As a guest arrives, encircle a necklace or two around his or her neck.
  • Sprinkle Mardi Gras confetti and purple, green, and gold glitter on all of the tables and in your hair.
  • Fill vases with purple flowers and green stems.
  • If you have indoor plants hang Mardi Gras beads on the branches.

Did I forget something when describing the look of the party? Tell me your Mardi Gras decorating ideas below. Now that the look is done, all I have to do is figure out what music will be playing at the party. Check back tomorrow to find out.

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