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Come Party With Me: Movie Club Meeting — Invite

Recently my friend Kirin told me about her decision to start a documentary film club. The club will be similar to a book club, but instead of reading and discussing a book, guests will watch and chat about a documentary. I was excited by the idea and volunteered to create a menu for the first meeting, where King Corn will be the featured movie. Since the foodie film focuses on the lifecycle of the crop, Kirin wants the party to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Instead of wasting paper by sending hard invites, she's requested that I make a green email invite. To see how I made the one shown here,


To make a similar invite you will need the following supplies:

To assemble the invite:

  1. Start by dragging the image into Photoshop. Create a new file and copy and paste the image into the blank file. Center the image to the left and write out the details of the party on the right. For my invite I used the font Calisto MT in size 18 to write the following message:

    Dear Friend,

    You’ve been selected
    to be a part of my
    documentary film club.

    Please join me for
    a screening of
    King Corn

    A green, vegetarian dinner and a lively discussion
    to follow

    Wednesday, August 20
    6:30 pm

    Kirin’s House,
    San Francisco

    regrets only 415.333.3333

    Check for spelling and grammar mistakes.

  2. If desired add a creative background or extra designs.
  3. Once satisfied with the invite, save as a jpeg. Send attached as part of an email. When I send email invites, I like to send the invite to myself first to make sure it sends how I envisioned. Next I send to a mass email list of all invited guests. You can also upload the image to an online invite service like evite or pingg.


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