Come Party With Me: My Birthday — Invite
Come Party With Me: My Birthday — Invite

Hard to believe a whole six months has passed since my half birthday party, but it has! This week I'm planning what I consider to be the most important party of the year: my birthday party. Last Thursday I secured the location — 15 Romolo, an under the radar and up-and-coming hot spot on the San Francisco bar scene — and this week I have to make and send the invitations. Since 27 isn't a milestone birthday, I'm keeping things chic and simple. There is no theme, but pink and flowers will play a big role in the look and feel of the invite. To see how I made these pretty invitations,


To make a similar invite you will need the following supplies:

  • two pictures of flowers in your favorite color
  • scissors
  • colored cardstock
  • glue
  • printer and computer

To assemble the invite:

  1. Open the images of flowers in Photoshop. Select one to be the front of the invite and the other to be the back of the invite, keeping in mind that the bulk of the text will go on the back.
  2. On the front page write: "27: Life Continues to Blossom." Print out on plain paper and check for grammar mistakes.
  3. On the back write the details of the party. I used Zafiro font in size 12 to write
    Please join me in celebrating my 27th year
    Saturday, October 4
    9:00 PM

    15 Romolo
    North Beach, SF

    regrets only:

    Print and check for errors. Once satisfied print both the front and the back out on separate pieces of paper.

  4. Cut down to size.
  5. With the glue mount the front onto the colored cardstock. Cut the cardstock down to size.
  6. Turn over and glue the back text to the back of the cardstock
  7. Slide into an envelope and send.
It seems like it was just yesterday that I was fab finding an outfit for you dressing as champagne!
chasezi1: 15 Romolo used to be owned by the owners of Rye. However they've handed the bar over to star bartenders Scott and Aaron who are in the process of re-launching it. Fabulous cocktails, good vibe, juke box, booths, etc. Hope that helps! And that you have a great time planning your 30th. PM if you want more details or advice!
Partysugar, I am planning my 30th this year...and I was wondering if you can tell me more about 15 Romolo. Thanks =)
Eee these look awesome. My 26th birthday is Oct 3 and I'd love to host a chic party with invites like these!! But I'll be up in SF with my fiance and his parents - a nice trip for the birthday (although the trip is not FOR my birthday), to be sure, but it throws the whole party thing into doubt. Maybe next year!
Aggg, thanks OhFish. Just goes to show, always double check for mistakes! Thank goodness I haven't mass produced them yet.
Very cute but it looks like an extra S slipped into blossom!
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