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Come Party With Me: New Year's Eve - Invitations

Come Party With Me: New Year's Eve - Invitations

I love the holidays because there are multiple days of celebration. The day after Christmas you have no reason to feel let down because New Year's Eve is just around the corner. With that said, it's time to get started planning my New Year's Eve Party. Each day this week I will write about a different element of the party, so if you want to plan with me you'll have some time to do so.

After deciding to plan a party the first step is to create a guest list. A very key factor in the success of a party is the group of people who will attend. Sure it's tempting to invite everyone you know to your party but more is not necessarily merrier. The night of a party a hostess has too many other things to worry about than whether or not there will be belligerent friction, uncomfortable silences, or unwanted cliques. Once you figure out exactly who will be on the guest list, it's time to make the invitations. To see the invitations I have sent out for my New Year's Eve party,

Invites: As I have mentioned before, invitations should reflect the mood, atmosphere, and theme of the party. Let's apply that concept here. The mood is festive - it's the start of a new year; the atmosphere is full of excitement and anticipation for the clock to strike 12, and the theme is New Year's. Black and gold will be the dominating color scheme running through the party (pair a metallic with any other color: silver and blue, purple and gold, silver and pink, red and gold). I'll start by folding a sheet of black cardstock in half lengthwise to make a long skinny card 11x4.25 inches. Next I'll take shiny gold paper that is slightly smaller than the folded black card stock (10x3 inches) and will add a sculpted edge by using fancy crafting scissors.

Using gold glitter glue (or with gold alphabet stickers), I'll write You are like Gold to Me on the paper. Once the glitter has dried I will glue the gold paper to the front of the folded black card. Next using my computer I'll type the following information in gold ink:

And I want you to be there when I celebrate the arrival of 2007! Please join me in a blowout bash to ring in the New Year on Sunday the 31 of December at 9:30 pm. After dinner nibbles and champagne. Festive and fabulous attire requested. Please RSVP by December 30.

I'll print it out on another piece of black card stock and cut a rectangle (with my fancy crafting scissors) that is slightly smaller than the folded black card. Finally I will glue this piece to the inside of my invitation to complete it.

Instead of using a plain old envelope I will wrap the card in shiny gold paper - different from the one on the front of the invitation. I will tie the wrapped invite with black ribbon that has a whole punched tag looped through it. On the tag I will write the name of the invited guest. Lastly I will drive around to each of my friends houses and place the package invitation in their mailboxes.

Now some of you may be thinking, YumSugar that sounds like a great idea, but I don't have time to make an elaborate homemade invitation. Don't worry. I have found some great invites-below-that you can turn into your own by taking the picture and adding it to a word document that has the text of your party.

Now that I told you all about the process of creating my New Year's Eve Party invites, feel free to share your ideas with me! Check back tomorrow to read about the menu for this party.


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bjornwinner bjornwinner 10 years
i don't get it -- how do we use those invitations at the bottom of the story? it'd be great to actually see the invites you're making instead of just reading a description! i heart yumsugar though! don't mean to sound like a hater. smoochies!
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