The day of a party is always packed with excitement and millions of last minute details to complete. Once the candles are lit, the drinks on ice, and the party outfit gracefully draping your body, the last thing to do is to turn on the tunes. Music is a vital component to any party and like everything else involving your event (the invitations, the menu, the decorations), you should plan ahead. Lucky for me (and you!) I asked BuzzSugar to help me come up with a play list for my New Year's Eve bash. To see her picks and my tips,

When I began to think about hosting this party I asked BuzzSugar if she had any suggestions for a playlist. Since she is so incredibly nice, she offered to come up with an entire playlist of songs.

Good Weekend - Art Brut
New Years Eve - The Walkmen
Where It's At - Beck
Feel Good Inc - Gorillaz
Kiss - Prince
Portions for Foxes - Rilo Kiley
Use It - New Pornographers
Good Rockin Tonight - Elvis
Midnight Show - The Killers
Wild Night - Van Morrison
This Will Be Our Year - The Zombies
It Hurts to See You Dance So Well - The Pipettes

Along with her list, I plan on mixing good dancing music, both old and new (Kylie Minogue, Beyonce, Nelly Furtado) with a little rock (RHCP, Coldplay, the Killers), rap (Jay-Z, Akon), and Latino (Paulina, Mana). Ultimately, it's your party so play what you want to listen to. Remember to keep it upbeat and to vary the type of music you play. Plan a couple of hours worth of songs to avoid repeats throughout the night.

Know a song I forgot to add to the playlist? Tell me about it below so I can be sure to bump it at my party!