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Normally I don't write a Come Party With Me on Saturdays, but seeing as the most extravagant party in Hollywood is happening this weekend, I felt it was time to bring it on. Everyone likes to feel loved, special, and like a super estrella (translation: star in Spanish) once and awhile, so why not do a little something extra for your guests? The invitations have been sent (if you have not mailed the invites you better personally call all of your friends to inform them of your fete today!), the menu planned, the drinks concocted, the decor arranged, and the music compiled. To see what surprises I have in mind (and they're good ones!),

Surprise your guests with goodie bags or gift baskets. You've all heard of the incredible swanky gifts that presenters, nominees, and good looking starlets receive in the gift baskets for attending the event. Actually this is the first year that there is no official gift bag (due to tax issues), but that doesn't mean you can't treat your friends to a little parting gift. Here are my goodie bag suggestions:

  • Magazines, mixed music CDs, mints, lighters, lipgloss, and matches are all cheap, fun and useful ideas.
  • If you have time, bake chocolate dipped shortbread Oscars using an Oscar cookie cutter to shape the dough. Stick the cookies in clear candy bags and tie with metallic gold ribbon.
  • Boxed chocolates.
  • Cans of Sofia Coppola's sparkling wine.
  • Novelty items related to the nominated movies: toy guns for The Departed, tea bags for The Queen, sunglasses for Little Miss Sunshine, a Japanese flag for Letters From Iwo Jima, and a camel stuffed animal for Babel.
  • Create a booklet of recipes with dishes inspired by each of the best picture nominees: Boston baked beans for the Departed, an English breakfast or scones for The Queen, fried chicken and salad for Little Miss Sunshine, sushi for Letters From Iwo Jima, and chicken tagine with couscous for Babel.
  • Gift cards for the iTunes music store.
  • Knit gloves.
  • Stuff from the $1 section at Target

What would you put in your Oscar gift bag? Please share below. Don't forget to submit a ballot, you could win a Prada purse. Happy Oscar watching! I'll be live and available in the TeamSugar chat room starting at 3pm (PST) tomorrow. So if you have any recipe questions or last minute party crises feel free to ask me, I'm more than happy to help!

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