With a few simple touches, you can transform an ordinary backyard into a chic setting for the perfect rehearsal dinner.

Start by placing tiki torches along the entryway and edge of the yard. Hang round lanterns from large tree branches and line low bushes with small twinkling Christmas lights. Cover the table with a pretty printed cloth. Place outdoor glass ice buckets in various locations throughout the space (this will create a flow and promote mingling). Fill the buckets with ice, beer, and wine, and let guests help themselves to the beverages.

Pass the pizza on circular serving platters and serve the signature cocktail in blue glass tumblers.

Create customized napkins that say the bride and groom's names, but leave the wedding date off, so the napkins can be used at the rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, and any future parties the couple may host. For a romantic, welcoming glow, light lots of votives. Save the stunning floral arrangements for the wedding; instead opt for a single vase filled with fragrant flowers.