I've been a wild rover for many of year, and I've spent all me money on whiskey and beer. And now I'm returning with wealth in great store and I never will play the wild rover no more. And it's no nay, never... Yes, I know the lyrics to an Irish drinking song. Ok I confess I know the lyrics to more than one Irish drinking song: when I was little Al, my grandfather, taught me and my sister a whole bunch and we would sing them to our relatives. Tomorrow I'll sing them (with the help of a few beers) to my friends while I celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I've invited them to join me for an Irish inspired dinner followed by a pub crawl. I'm decorating my house with lots of shamrocks and serving green beer. Practically everything is all prepped and it's looking like one fabulous party. I just have to figure out what music will be playing softly in the background while we eat. To see the soundtrack to my dinner,

At a dinner party with a set theme with a certain type of music, Irish drinking music, I like to have one cd in my rotation consist of these songs entirely. A great example is this compilation, Irish Drinking Songs. Next I'll go on the iTunes music store and search St. Patrick's Day songs and create my own playlist with songs selected from the search such as John Mayer, St. Patrick's Day and The Hit Crew, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.
Lastly I'll throw in a few songs by Green Day, Al Green, and a few that have the color mentioned in the title or lyrics. The cds of U2, The Cranberries, Enya, and the Pogues (see BuzzSugar tomorrow for more on this group) will fill up the rest of the spots in my stereo's ten changer. I'll hit random and be good to go for the entire night.

Have a great Irish inspired song you will be playing at your party? Share it with me below. I hope everyone has a happy and fabulous St. Patrick's Day!