The longest day of the year, June 21, is this Saturday. To celebrate the official arrival of Summer, I'm hosting a Summer-themed dinner party. All this week, I'll provide the details to my outdoor extravaganza, so take my ideas and make them your own. Start by sending invitations. To see how I made these fun, lantern-inspired invites,


To make an invite similar to the one seen here, you will need the following supplies:

  • white and yellow cardstock
  • scissors
  • gluestick
  • satin ribbon in three different colors and sizes
  • computer and printer

To assemble the invite:

  1. Start by creating a new Word document. On one page write the front message: "You are invited." On a second page, write the details of the party, for my invite I used the font Abadi MT Condensed Light in Italic, size 14:
    To Light Up the Summer!

    The Longest Day of 2008
    (Saturday, June 21st)

    7:30 pm
    PartySugar’s Backyard
    San Francisco, CA

    Let me know if you can attend the dinner.

    Center the text to the left side of the page. Print both sheets out and check for grammar and spelling errors. Once satisfied with the text, print out the front page on the white cardstock and the inside text page on the colored cardstock.

  2. Cut the white "You are invited" page down to size. Create hanging lanterns with the ribbon. Glue to the cardstock.
  3. Fold the second invite page in half, covering the text. Cut off the bottom and sides of the invite.
  4. Glue the white decorated "You are invited" cardstock to the front of the invite. Slide into an envelope and send.