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Come Party With Me: Super Bowl Party - Decorations

It's the week before the big game and I'm obsessing so much about the Super Bowl you'd think that I was a member of the Chicago Bear's non-existent cheerleading team. I am hosting a fantastic fiesta to watch the commercials. Oops, did I just say commercials? I meant to say football game. Even if I'm not a crazy die hard football fan (if you are - more power to you!) throwing a watching party will allow me to enjoy the show and when bored I'll busy myself by blending up another batch of margaritas. When planning an epic party of these proportions there are many factors to consider: the invitations should evoke the football-y feel, the menu chock full of stadium food, and the drinks pack an extra punch of game day goodness. Not to be forgotten are the decorations: just because the party revolves around a big screen television doesn't mean that you can't have a fabulous time decorating your house in bright blue and outrageous orange. To see how I'll change the decor of my house from everyday to game day,

Start with your screening room (aka whatever room has the largest television in your house) and make sure there is enough seating for all of your guests to sit comfortably. Add pillows, cushions, fold out chairs or chairs from other rooms of your house if you have to. The television is the focal point so make it so by clearing out the area around it for clutter free viewing. If you have a bear or colt stuffed animal place it on the sofa to act as team mascot. Set up a strand of cheap football lights around the windowsill or along the entryway into the room.

If you know that all of your friends will be decked out in their Chicago Bear wear-yourself included-make blue and orange the underlying tone of the decorations. Pick up a roll each of blue and orange streamers at the local party supply store. Be sure to check out the selection of Super Bowl related stuff because party stores always have a lot of fun theme supplies to make your bash especially memorable. Twist the streamers and arrange decoratively throughout the room and wrap around banisters. If your friends are a mix of Bears and Colts fans decorate one side of the room with blue and orange and the other half with blue and white. Have guests sit on their side of the "stadium."

Arrange appetizers and snacks on your coffee table or small tables around the space. Cover your kitchen table with a green table cloth to simulate a football field and adorn with a centerpiece made of mini footballs placed in a French fry basket. Put several chairs in your kitchen for the less enthusiastic football fans to converse and gather without taking the attention away from the game. Serve the food on colored paper plates to reduce clean-up and give it an authentic feel (if you were at a stadium you'd be using paper products!).

Since I will be serving margaritas on the rocks I'll purchase fun orange light up football ice cubes for guests to submerge in their drinks. I want my friends to be in the party mood from the moment of their arrival and will stick the ends of orange and blue metallic pom poms into the gravel surrounding the walkway up to my front door.

What's the look for your Super Bowl Party? Please share your winning decoration ideas with me below. Tomorrow I'll talk about game-day music!

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