Creating a travel party menu was surprisingly super easy! I used popular foods from each country to define what I would make and the same strategy can be applied to the drinks. Each room will have still and sparkling water, plus a drink that relates to the country. Select drinks that highlight a different nation's alcohol and some that appeal to girly gals (sweeter, fruitier) and some that appeal to the tough guys (harder, non-sweet). In the Mexico room offer tequila sunrises. In the Japan room make guests take sake bombs (a shot of sake dropped into a cold glass of Japanese beer and pounded quickly). In the Russian room shake up vodka martinis and in the Cuba room Cuba Libres are an excellent option. Finally gin and tonics made with British gin (Beefeater or Martin Miller's) round out the menu. For the recipes to these classic cocktails from all over the world,

Tequila Sunrise
From Victoria Packing

1 ½ oz. tequila
3 oz. orange juice
1 oz. grenadine

  1. Shake the tequila and orange juice together in a glass. Pour into a tall glass filled with ice and add the grenadine; do not stir.

Serves 1.

Party's Perfect Vodka Martini
From PartySugar (hey I was a bartender!)

2 1/2 oz vodka (recommended grey goose)
1/2 oz dry vermouth
3 green olives on a tooth pick
martini glass, preferably chilled

  1. Fill the martini glass with ice. Carefully pour the vermouth into the glass and set aside.
  2. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and the vodka. Shake vigorously for at least 20 seconds. You want ice crystals to form in the vodka.
  3. Carefully pour out the ice being sure to coat the entire glass with vermouth.
  4. Strain vodka into glass and garnish with olives.
  5. Enjoy!

Serves 1.

Warning: it is not highly advised to drink three or more of these potent babies in a short amount of time. Trust me you will only end up with a horrible headache.

Cuba Libre
From Drinkalizer

ice cubes
3 ounces rum
1 1/2 tablespoons lime juice
Chilled cola
Slice lime

Put ice cubes in a highball glass, add the rum and lime juice, fill with cola and garnish with a slice of lime.

Gin & Tonic
From Food Network

4 to 5 Ice Cubes
3 ounces gin
4 ounces tonic water (recommended: Schweppes)
1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lime juice
Lime wedge for garnish

  1. Place the ice cubes in a tall, narrow, chilled glass (the cubes should come near the top.)
  2. Add the gin, then the tonic water, then the lime juice, stirring well.
  3. Garnish with lime wedge, and serve immediately.

Serves 1.